500,000+ business members in 8 years

Yes, in November, TradeHolding.com B2B Network will turn to 8, and the network reached an impressive number of members: more than half a million members use our services more or less often. In 8 years, we have launched many network sites such as: TradeBoss.com B2B Marketplace, Europe Business Directory, Middle East Business Directory, China Suppliers and Manufacturers and many more, all using the same platform. I never mentioned in public about our network infrastructure but now I think it is time to say that the 100k+ unique visitors on the B2B Network + the other 30k+ unique visitors on our other sites (dating, real estate, classifieds) are served by 10 servers and we plan to have at least 3-4 new servers in the next year.

2 Responses to “500,000+ business members in 8 years”

  1. Mihai Says:

    100k / day?

  2. zoltan Says:

    Yes, 100k+ in average / day.

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